Exciting new changes are happening!


Circle Time!

This is where the children will meet for circle and explore their letters, numbers, shapes, colors and the animals that we have on the farm! We will go over our daily schedule, read books and talk about our favorite parts of the day!


Open the barn doors!

Behind the doors is the calendar! We will include the months, days of the week, weather and the seasons. 

The surprise will be behind the top door! Which animal will we be introduced to and when? 

Meet the Directors of the Learning Center


Cara (McDonough) Shambaugh

Hi! My name is Cara Shambaugh, formally Cara McDonough. I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts where I received my Master’s degree in Education with a concentration in Applied Behavioral Analysis and Autism Spectrum Disorders. I have worked with children with varying ages and challenges for many years. My titles have included; paraeducator, ABA Specialist, In-home Behavioral Coordinator, Behavior Specialist and Counselor. 

Almost 3 years ago my family and I moved cross country to Oregon to start a farm. My mother, my daughter, myself, 2 dogs and cat piled into my SUV and we drove to live with my brother and his family. Our father soon followed by plane. This is where I met my husband Josh and added a new baby boy to the crew. Our daughter Rena is 7 and will be a second grader at Boeckman Creek Primary School in the Fall and Drew is a very busy 1 year old. In my free time, I enjoy going to the beach, playing tennis, spending time with my friends and family on the farm enjoying our animals. 


Dan Silvey

My name is Dan Silvey and I am an Oregon native. I grew up in Portland and attended college at the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!) where I earned a degree in Education and a Master’s Degree in Special Education from Portland State University. In my over 10 years working in education I have held a few titles; paraeducator, substitute teacher, and learning specialist. All of my teaching experience is working with Kindergarten through 5th grade students. 

Before starting my Master’s Degree program at Portland State University, I lived in Hawaii for one year. After returning home I got married to Amy, another Oregon native. We settled in Wilsonville and began a family. We have two children (plus a dog, Autzen). Our son, Declan is 6 years old and goes to Kindergarten at Boeckman Creek Primary School. Our daughter, Jocelyn (Josie) is 3 years old and goes to a local preschool, but will attend the Triskelee Learning Center in the Fall as a 4 year old. Amy and I have a strong family connection with the majority of our family in the greater Portland Metro area. When I have free time, I love to play golf, be outside with my kids, camping, going to the beach, keeping up with everything Oregon Ducks, playing board games, and being with friends and family. 

Register Now!

We're so excited to start the Learning Center Preschool! Once the restrictions of the Covid-19 have been lifted, we will be hosting an open house/tour of the farm for interested families! 

Triskelee Farm Preschool registration (pdf)


Farm Based Learning

Your children will learn using a hands-on approach to explore the gardens, farm and our animals, while learning the basic developmental skills of social-emotional growth.  

Farm Learning Center

  Coming September 2020!

Triskelee Farm is opening a farm-based learning center for 3 and 4 years old children right here in the West Linn/Wilsonville area. Our experienced and qualified staff will use a hands-on learning approach focusing on social development with peers as well as the animals located on the farm. Children will enjoy time learning and exploring the outdoors of the farm as well as the day to day aspects of living/working on a farm. 

Our mission is to incorporate a balanced outdoor/indoor approach to learning through a variety of activities relating to our animals including; feeding, brushing, cleaning, and observing each animal in their living space. Other engaging activities will include; painting horses, riding horses, gardening, collecting eggs, milking a goat, exposure to newborn farm animals, cooking, circle-time, journaling, and craft related projects. Our program will encourage appropriate development for preschool age children as well as enhancing pre-academic skills. 

Email us at triskeleefarm.preschool@gmail.com for more information!