Our sweet natured alpacas love meeting new friends! They enjoy special treats such as sliced apples and carrots. Their luscious fiber can be processed into yarns, felt, blankets, pillows, drier balls, and dog beds. The fiber is hypoallergenic!

We have ten lovely ladies and a handsome stud for you to meet!

Goats and Pigs

Triskelee Farm houses two Nigerian female goats, Cactus and Juju, and one male goat, Ringo. They provide us with delicious milk from which we make goat cheese, ice cream, soaps, and skin creams. Nigerians produce a higher butter fat content in their milk. We also added our three "Spice Girls" Nubian does Rosemary, Basil, and Thyme. They can produce up to a gallon per day. Also, Pete our Toggenberg wether will help the ladies with those relentless blackberries. 

We also have a little pig family, Shitake, Truffles, Bella and Fungi. 

Birds of a Feather

The Peacock Penthouse houses our peacocks, Blue, Pearl and Opal. They are hysterical! Initially very shy, but now they are quite comfortable and roam freely throughout the farm! 

The Ostriches, Ozzie and Harriet, and Romeo and Juliette, will hopefully be delivering eggs and babies this spring. One ostrich egg is equal to two dozen chicken eggs! That is so amazing!

The Chick Inn has graciously provided us with more eggs that we can use! We started with six chicks and then offered homes for twelve that were hatched at out neighborhood school.